Distinctives of PCS

Our Philosophy

There is a place in the hearts of all human beings, young and old alike, that can be touched, empowered, and changed by music.  Because music has the power to make such a significant difference in the lives of individuals, families, and our community, Piano Central Studios is whole-heartedly committed to being part of making that kind of a difference in those students and their families with whom we are privileged to interact.  The impact of our commitment is magnified by the way we run our program, the qualified and caring staff members we hand-select, and the intentionality and personal care with which we approach each and every student in our program.  Our ultimate goal is to help our students succeed personally, musically and most importantly, in life.

Our Director, Theresa Case

  • Has run the program at Piano Central Studios since 1995
  • Is passionately committed to the ongoing success of the program and the families we serve
  • Has grown the program at PCS from under 80 students in 1995 to a current size of over 800 students
  • Has earned Kindermusik Maestro status every year since the program’s inception in 2000
  • Was named “2008 Educator of the Year” by Kindermusik International
  • Served three terms on the Board of the Partnership for Kindermusik Educators
  • Has been a lead author and contributor for Kindermusik curricula
  • Has piloted numerous Kindermusik curriculum units
  • Currently serves as consultant, writer, and educator trainer for Kindermusik International

Our Staff

  • An exceptional team of over 35 dedicated teachers enable us to meet the needs and match the interests of our students
  • All of our teachers are experienced, degreed, and credentialed with advanced degrees and/or training
  • All PCS Kindermusik educators are licensed by Kindermusik International
  • All teachers regularly participate in ongoing professional development

Our Program

  • A complete experience – lessons, community performance opportunities, recitals, parent communication and support, and more
  • A variety of programming options including Kindermusik, piano, voice, strings, woodwinds, Suzuki, guitar, ukulele, and harp
  • Introductory classes, month-long class, school-year sessions, and summer programming available
  • Largest commercial music education program in the Southeast
  • Award-winning Kindermusik program