Our Policies

Register any time! We’ll gladly pro-rate tuition or schedule makeup classes if you join after the Kindermusik semester begins or if you start lessons part-way through the month.

Payment Our automated payment system is easy and hassle-free for you.  Simply inform us of your payment preference – credit card, debit card, or automatic bank draft – on your registration form.  Prior to your payment due date, we’ll send you a reminder of the impending charge and then we’ll automatically charge your account on the 1st of each month.

Registration Fees The annual registration fee helps cover the costs associated with registration processing, the assignment notebook, recital fees, Music Fest fees, performance events, and a year’s subscription to Piano Explorer.  Fees for other optional events are collected separately.

Registration Fees are charged at the time of enrollment for new students and thereafter in September of each year for returning students.  Registration fees are non-refundable.

Kindermusik fees are all-inclusive; there is no additional registration fee for Kindermusik enrollments.

Make up Lessons Kindermusik classes may be made up in any class with extra room.  Simply call the office to schedule in advance.

For all other lessons and classes, two makeups per school year are allowed.  We recommend reserving these makeup lessons for extenuating circumstances.  Lesson time cannot be extended for being late.  All lessons missed due to teacher absence or snow days will be made up.  Tuition is due regardless of missed lessons, and credit cannot be given for missed lessons.

Cancellation and Withdrawal If enrollment must be cancelled, a written notice prior to the 1st of the month is required.  If notice is received after the 1st of the month, the tuition for the current month will still be charged.  The written notice may be submitted using this online form, emailed to Theresa@PianoCentralStudios.com, faxed to the office at 864-232-0709, or mailed to the PCS Office at PO Box 31047, Greenville, SC, 29608.

Materials and Supplies Kindermusik @Home materials are included, and will be delivered to your inbox before the first class of each new curriculum theme.  Materials are not needed for class, but are designed for your use and enjoyment at home.

Students taking instrumental or vocal lessons can expect about $30-$40 of music expenses throughout the year.  Notification of bills for music or extra supplies will be sent as needed.  These charges will be applied to your account, and charged at the same time as the current month’s payment.

Students taking instrumental lessons need an instrument in the home for daily practice.  Practice requirements and goals will vary according to teacher assignments and student levels.  The more practice, the more progress!

Parental Involvement Parental support is crucial to the success of each student. To keep parents informed, we regularly communicate via email or flyers.  Students in vocal or instrumental lessons also have an assignment notebook to facilitate communication between studio and home.  As always, we welcome your feedback!

We love to hear from you!

As always, we welcome your feedback and your questions.  Your teacher will provide you with her phone number and email address, and you are encouraged to contact her regarding scheduling, student progress, or weekly assignments.  To contact the Director of PCS, Mrs. Theresa Case, call 232-5010 or email Theresa@PianoCentralStudios.com.