With every Kindermusik enrollment, you’ll receive:

  • Easy, convenient ongoing enrollment – Stay as long as you like; pause when you need to
  • Developmentally appropriate music and movement classes
  • A new set of Kindermusik @Home Materials delivered to your inbox at the start of each new theme
  • Helpful resources, tips, and communication in and out of class
  • Unlimited makeup classes for as long as you are enrolled – just call or email the office to schedule
  • An opportunity to continue in the Kindermusik program for seven, magical, musical years from newborn to age 7
  • Ideas in class that inspire more music, play, and happy moments at home
  • Together time you will always cherish
  • Musical memories that will impact you and your child for life

Your enrollment at PCS offers you more than just weekly lessons – it’s a complete package.  We’re very proud to offer you more with your enrollment, including:

  • Great teachers committed to sharing their love of music and art
  • Ongoing enrollment to ensure steady progress and convenient scheduling
  • Regular communication via email, eNewsletters, and various handouts and flyers
  • The weekly lessons
  • Monthly Skillmasters Performance Classes
  • An Assignment Notebook
  • Progress reports
  • Community performances
  • Performances at local Assisted Living Centers
  • Studio contests and motivational awards
  • Membership in our NFMC Junior Club
  • The Music Skillmasters Awards Program
  • Annual PCS Music Fest judging event
  • Two recitals a year and art shows throughout the year
  • Studio-wide Summer Contests
  • The option to customize and upgrade your summer lessons to fit your summer scheduling needs