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How to Make a Practice Game Plan for Music Lessons

Posted Tuesday, September 2 in News, Tips and Resources

Everyone knows practice is a must for every music student. A big must. Somehow however, there seems to be a disconnect between knowing the importance of practice and actually doing the practicing. What could be the cause? A big part of the issue arises from a lack of planning ahead. Practicing requires a specific time… Read More

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4 Ways to Prepare for Music Lessons

Posted Monday, September 1 in News, Tips and Resources

Ready…Set…GO! At least, that’s where you want to be able to do at the beginning of the new school year. All ready and set to race ahead into new adventures! To be sure you’re ready for the gun to sound, you’ll want to make sure that you have everything in order so you can jump… Read More

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Meet the Composer: J.S.Bach

Posted Monday, September 1 in News

Name: Johann Sebastian Bach Born: March 21, 1685 Died: July 28, 1750 Country of Origin: Germany Musical Period: Baroque Period (1600-1750) Famous Works: The Well Tempered Clavier, St. Matthew Passion, B-Minor Mass and St. John Passion Biography J.S. Bach came from a long line of musicians. In fact, by the time J.S. Bach arrived the… Read More

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7 Ways Kindermusik Preps Your Child for Music Lessons

Posted Thursday, August 28 in News

While Kindermusik provides the environment and encouragement needed for a child to progress to his or her developmental potential, it also fully prepares students to easily transition into the private lesson setting. In fact, Kindermusik students start lessons much more advanced than the average beginner student. Why? Kindermusik graduates come to lessons for the first… Read More

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8 Reasons Why Music Lessons Matter

Posted Wednesday, August 27 in News

Why do taking music lessons really matter in the overall, big picture? Isn’t it just another activity to add to the schedule? Just in case you’re wondering, here are 8 reasons why music lessons really DO matter. Personal enjoyment Music speaks to and is understood by everyone, no matter race or language. Being able to… Read More

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3 Checkpoints for Starting Lessons

Posted Tuesday, August 26 in News

With PCS set and ready to jump right into this soon-to-begin school year, it’s time to double check and make sure you’re ready to take the jump yourself! Lessons (not to mention school!) are going to be starting before you know it so you’d be well served to take a minute and evaluate just how… Read More

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Why PCS Teachers are the Best!

Posted Tuesday, August 19 in News

One of the greatest benefits of choosing PCS is our wonderful teaching staff. But what exactly makes a great music teacher? Makings of a Great Music Teacher In thinking about what makes a great music teacher, while some traits vary there are certain traits that remain constant. Those constants include some of the following characteristics:… Read More

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6 Unique Qualities of PCS

Posted Monday, August 18 in News

In scouting out opportunities for musical instruction, I’m sure you want to be positive to make the best decision for your child. As you shop around, here are six things that set Piano Central Studios apart, making PCS the best choice for you and your family. PCS Offers High Quality Instruments Unlike many other music… Read More

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Signs Your Child is Ready for Piano

Posted Thursday, August 14 in News

It’s been going on for weeks and you’re about to go crazy. Your child has been literally been pestering you non-stop about starting piano lessons, but you’re not sure if he’s quite ready to begin… When to Start Lessons If you find yourself in this situation, hopefully you’ll find this list to be helpful to… Read More

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How Kindermusik Improves Listening

Posted Wednesday, August 13 in News

Kindermusik classes resonate with a wide variety of sounds, from metal triangles to wooden blocks, from drums to didgeridoos! Children ages 0-7 explore playing with and listening to a variety of instruments, continually building their sense of sound discrimination through the recognition of different timbres—an object’s distinctive sound. Listening to and distinguishing between all of… Read More

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