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Nov 25-29: PCS offices are closed

Saturday, November 29, 12:00 am

Just a reminder that PCS is closed for Thanksgiving from November 25-29.  There will be no regularly scheduled classes or lessons from Tuesday through Saturday of this week.  We wish for all of our PCS families to enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

4 Ways to Help Your Child Prepare for the PCS Winter Recitals

Posted Thursday, November 20 in News

Four ways parents can help students prepare for the PCS Winter Recitals: 1. Encourage consistent practice.  Even 10 minutes of daily practice dedicated to their recital songs will make a huge difference in their preparation and confidence. 2. Remind them to focus on their assigned winter recital pieces when they practice.  Perhaps even suggest that… Read More

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Excercise Your Brain with Music

Posted Tuesday, November 18 in News

“Evidence suggests that long-term musical involvement reaps cognitive rewards–in language skills, reasoning and creativity–and boosts social adjustment. Music exercises the brain. Playing an instrument, for instance, involves vision, hearing, touch, motor planning, emotion, symbol interpretation–all of which activate different brain systems.” According to Norman M. Weinberger, Ph.D., professor of neurobiology and behavior at the University… Read More

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3 Tips for Not-so-musical Parents

Posted Wednesday, November 12 in News

A good deal of any child’s success depends on the level of involvement of the parent…an involvement that includes more than just reminders to practice and asking your child whether or not he’s done his practice for the day. Before you start to think your child is going to be a complete musical failure because… Read More

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For Parents: How to Use the PCS Assignment Notebook

Posted Tuesday, November 11 in News

One of your best resources as a parent in helping your child with his music lessons is your child’s PCS Assignment Notebook. Not only does it contain pertinent information concerning important dates, reminders, and contact information, but it also gives you a weekly peek into your child’s music lessons. You find out how he’s progressing,… Read More

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How to Practice the Same Piece Again and Again

Posted Wednesday, November 5 in News

While we know why we sometimes need to practice a piece longer than just one week, how can you do it without going crazy? Because really, playing the same thing over and over and over can really start to get to you, not to mention everyone else in your house! Break the Rut Well, they… Read More

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Bring a Friend to Lessons Week: Nov 10-15

Saturday, November 15, 12:00 am

We are so excited to announce our first-ever “Bring a Friend to Lessons” Week  during November 10-15 here at PCS!  During this special week, PCS students are invited to bring a friend to their lesson. We’ll have a regular lesson as usual, except that we’ll add in a few extras – like some musical games… Read More


4 Reasons to Practice the Same Piece for More Than a Week

Posted Tuesday, November 4 in News

Every student looks forward to passing a song – getting the check mark or the sticker marking a finished piece. Sometimes however, teachers will reassign the same piece for another week or more. Does your teacher have something against your child? Is your teacher just too hard? Is your child starting to fall behind? Why… Read More

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Meet the Composer: Domenico Scarlatti

Posted Saturday, November 1 in News, Tips and Resources

Name: Domenico Scarlatti Born: October 26, 1685 Died: July 23, 1757 Country of Origin: Italy Musical Period: Baroque Period Biography Although not much is known about his early childhood, we do know that Domenico Scarlatti was the sixth child of Alessandro Scarlatti and his wife Antonia. His father, Alessandro Scarlatti was a well-known composer of… Read More

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4 reasons to take weekly Kindermusik classes

Posted Thursday, October 30 in News

chedules these days for everyone simple defy logic. So many different things fill up all the time slots in our days, making adding something else into the schedule a seeming impossibility. Why would you want to add a weekly Kindermusik class? Wouldn’t a play-date here and there work just as well? Children thrive on predictability… Read More

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