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Why Your Child Might Not Seem Interested in Kindermusik Class

Posted Wednesday, October 22 in News

Each of the precious children in our Kindermusik classes are unique individuals with unique and delightful differences.  This is why it’s so important not to label “disinterest” too quickly, but rather to see “participation” in a new way, through the filter of personality, learning styles, and information intake. Personalities are different: Every child has his… Read More

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Why PCS Offers Performance Opportunities for our Music Students

Posted Tuesday, October 21 in News

With many of our fall Assisted Living Performances just around the corner, PCS students are looking forward to the start of a series of exciting and motivating performances. Assisted Living Performances in particular serve as a wonderful avenue for our music students to be able to give back to the community and to experience the joy… Read More

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Suzuki Students Graduate!

Posted Tuesday, October 21 in News

Piano Central Suzuki piano students from the studio of Ms. Kendra Zimmerman participated in recent graduations. We are proud of their hard work!

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3 Things Adult Students Can Expect with Music Lessons

Posted Wednesday, October 15 in News

What can you really expect from lessons as an adult student? Adult students have a bit more flexibility and a greater amount of personal responsibility than the younger PCS students, but some of the expectations remain the same. Progress Requires Practice Although as an adult you are able to remain more focused and disciplined than… Read More

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How Adult Music Practice Differs from Kids Music Practice

Posted Tuesday, October 14 in News

You’ve decided it’s time to pursue a childhood dream—you’ve decided to start taking music lessons. Congratulations! As you think about starting lessons, no doubt you’re experiencing a mixture of anticipation, excitement, and a little bit of trepidation. Never fear. All those emotions are completely normal! Rest assured that the staff at PCS will do everything… Read More

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4 Strategies for Music Practice Success

Posted Wednesday, October 8 in News

You’ve just finished your lesson for the week and have another list of assignments from your teacher, a list that with the exception of one small thing is just a repetition of last week’s list. And you feel discouraged, frustrated, and wonder why you even keep taking lessons… Nothing leaves you feeling defeated faster than… Read More

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A 3 Person Team

Posted Tuesday, October 7 in News

When each member of a team works together, everyone enjoys success. Think back to the horse and buggy days for a moment. If one of the horses on a team decided he didn’t really feel like running that day and just sat down, all the other horses of the team suffered and the people would… Read More

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5 Ways Music Lessons Pay Off

Posted Tuesday, October 7 in News

Is music really that important? Is it more than just another extracurricular activity for your child? We could answer both of these questions with just a simple (but resounding) “YES.” However, we know that any parent wants to know more than a basic yes or no. You want to know the background—the real why’s and… Read More

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That’s not all we’re accomplishing!

Posted Thursday, October 2 in News

Take a peek into the window of our Kindermusik class.  Or come visit.  It may look like we are “just” playing in Kindermusik class, but really we are… Building neural pathways Internalizing steady beat Matching pitch Working on fine motor skills Developing coordination Practicing social interaction Taking turns Learning to listen Stimulating the vestibular system… Read More

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Meet the Composer: Franz Joseph Haydn

Posted Wednesday, October 1 in News, Tips and Resources

Name: Franz Joseph Haydn Born: March 31,1732 Died: May 31, 1809 Country of Origin: Austria Musical Period: Classical Era Famous Works: Paris Symphonies, The Seven Last Words of Christ, Surprise Symphony, The Creation, The Seasons Biography As part of a very musical family, Franz Joseph Haydn grew up singing and being introduced to musical instruments… Read More

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