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12 Reasons Why Recitals Are So Important

Posted Tuesday, December 16 in News

Some great insights from our friends at Teach Piano Today… 1.  Recitals provide a tangible goal to work towards. In having a set date and a pre-planned performance selection, your child learns how to manage their practice time and what it feels like to polish and perfect a piece. 2.  Recitals provide an opportunity to… Read More

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7 Tips for the Best Music Recital Experience Ever

Posted Monday, December 15 in News

‘Tis the season… for Piano Central Studios Winter Recitals!  With that in mind, we wanted to pass along seven helpful tips for having your best recital experience ever. 1.  Get a good night’s rest the night before. 2.  Eat a snack or healthy meal before the recital. 3.  The night before… Do a little review… Read More

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Storytelling and Sharing Memories

Posted Friday, December 12 in News

Stories told around the kitchen table or in the family room pull families together in many of the same ways that Kindermusik brings families together — through sharing laughter and making memories. Author Phil Catalfo adds that “[r]elating your family history is a clever way to pass along life lessons to your child.” Storyteller Jennifer… Read More

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Why Practice?

Posted Wednesday, December 10 in News

In the grand tradition of “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” kind of logic, we thought we’d take this opportunity to highlight the a few of the benefits of practice.  With PCS recitals just around the corner, the timing seemed especially appropriate. If you practice, you get better. If you get better, you play… Read More

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2015 Hal Leonard Carol Klose Composition Competition

Monday, June 1, 12:00 am

We encourage all eligible PCS students to consider entering this composition competition.  Your teacher will be glad to help you prepare. Hal Leonard Corporation is pleased to announce the second annual online piano composition competition for students created in honor of Carol Klose (1945-2013), a popular piano teacher and prolific Hal Leonard composer. The purpose… Read More

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5 Practice Tips – Sensible yet Stimulating

Posted Thursday, December 4 in News

We are proud to feature this article written by PCS student Amanda Brown! Sometimes it’s a bother—a big bother—to pull out your sheet music and start practicing. But if you aren’t practicing right, you’re wasting your time! Here are some tips for practicing right . . . and making practicing more fun! 1. Choose a… Read More

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Composer of the Month: Gustav Holst

Posted Monday, December 1 in News

December Composer of the Month: Gustav Holst Dates Born in Cheltenham, England, September 21st, 1874 Died in England, May 25th, 1934 Nationality British Style/Period Romantic 1820-1910 Famous Works The Planets, Second Suite for Military Band in F, First Suite for Military Band in E-flat Bio Gustav Holst was born into a very musical family. His… Read More

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The Four Stages of Memorizing Music

Posted Tuesday, November 25 in News

Working on memorizing your recital piece?  Check out this summary of the four stages of memorization as shared on the Music Matters blog: With content straight from his book, The Musician’s Way (reviewed by Natalie back in 2010), Mr. Gerald Klickstein shares 4 well-thought-out and practical stages for memorization on his blog. Each stage has some really helpful… Read More

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How Music Helps Your Child Learn How to Learn

Posted Monday, November 24 in News

Music has always played an important part in the lives of people around the world. Music can connect us to our history, tradition and heritage while providing a happy, constructive outlet for leisure time. However, music is also a uniquely powerful means of involving and integrating the activities of both the right and left halves of… Read More

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Nov 25-29: PCS offices are closed

Saturday, November 29, 12:00 am

Just a reminder that PCS is closed for Thanksgiving from November 25-29.  There will be no regularly scheduled classes or lessons from Tuesday through Saturday of this week.  We wish for all of our PCS families to enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!