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What to do with Your Piano Explorer Magazine?

Posted Friday, July 18 in News

Every month (through the summer every other) your child receives an issue of the Clavier Piano Explorer magazine. It’s a nice perk to being part of the Piano Central Studios family, but sad to say, it more often than not simply becomes yet another piece of paper to get lost on the kitchen counter or… Read More

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Kindermusik: Building Social Skills

Posted Thursday, July 17 in News

Social skills—interacting with others, building new friendships, maintaining older ones— takes a considerable amount of practice and guided training. The first seven years of a child’s live serve as some of the most sensitive years for building good social skills so it’s vitally important than your child receives such necessary training from the very beginning!… Read More

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3 Ways to Make Summer Practice Profitable

Posted Wednesday, July 16 in News

“Making the most of every minute” tends to be a common motto during the summer. Often making the most of everything relates to being involved in as many activities as possible or scheduling as many vacations as will fit into the calendar. With all of the in and out, it’s important to apply the same… Read More

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Master Sightreader: King of Rhythm

Posted Tuesday, July 15 in News

It sounds really basic. You count one, two, three, four, throw in a few “+’s”, maybe a few rests—counting doesn’t seem like it should be all that difficult. It’s basic mathematics. While you may be whiz at counting a piece at home, your true mastery of the workings of rhythm shows when you’re sightreading. When… Read More

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Anyone Can Build a Musical Environment

Posted Tuesday, July 8 in News

Have you ever stopped to consider what kind of an environment you are creating at home for your child Should your child be interviewed, what things would he say were important to you and to rest of the family? For some families, it may be a love for a certain sports team. For others, maybe… Read More

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Free Music for the 4th!

Posted Wednesday, July 2 in News, Tips and Resources

With the 4th of July coming up next week, some patriotic music is a definite must. Take a look through the following list of free printable sheet music to see what catches your eye…and have a wonderful, musical holiday with family and friends! Piano Sheet Music Beginner o   Fourth of July (pre-reading) o   We Love… Read More

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Master Sightreader: Concentration

Posted Wednesday, July 2 in News, Tips and Resources

Saul Bellow the world-renown author once said, “Art has to do with the arrest of attention in the midst of distraction.” Harnessing your thoughts, disciplining your mind to focus on a single task at hand, “arrest[ing]” your attention—these phrases all describe an essential trait of a master sightreader, namely, the ability to concentrate. Understated Importance… Read More

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New Research Supporting the Benefits of Music Study

Posted Tuesday, July 1 in News

Studies continue to reveal evidence further backing up the benefits received from musical education. Recently in two studies, one by Boston Children’s Hospital and the second by Northwestern University, science showed that music studies improve a person’s mental ability to process and retain information and also improve a person’s verbal skills. Music Benefit #1: Increased… Read More

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Making Summer Musical

Posted Wednesday, June 25 in News

A time for relaxation, a time to take a break from the school routine, a time to breathe—everyone looks forward to summer. Who doesn’t like a little change of pace?! As you enjoy the extra activities and summer fun, don’t forget to make music part of your daily plan. You can easily make this summer… Read More

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21 Ideas for Taking Your Music Skills to the Next Level this Summer

Posted Thursday, June 19 in News

Looking for some new ways to kick your music skills up a notch this summer? We’ve got 21 great ideas for you!  Even if you just try one or more of these fun ideas, you’ll amaze your teacher, your family, and your friends, and you’ll benefit tremendously from stretching yourself in a a whole new… Read More

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