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How Kindermusik Builds Math Skills

Posted Monday, April 7 in News, Tips and Resources

It’s April and PCS wants to welcome all our Kindermusik families to Math Awareness Month! Early music education classes like Kindermusik provide your child with an excellent foundation to excel in mathematics. The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) recently reported the following: “With new understanding about the nature of everyday learning experiences,… Read More

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How Summer Scheduling Works at PCS

Posted Wednesday, April 2 in Tips and Resources

First, you confirm or upgrade your summer lesson enrollment.  Your teacher will contact you regarding general scheduling preferences and availability for the summer.  Then, each month, your teacher will contact you about scheduling lessons for the upcoming month.  It’s that EASY! Once lessons are scheduled, you may request to make changes to the schedule during… Read More

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Meet the Composer: Bela Bartok

Posted Tuesday, April 1 in News, Tips and Resources

Quick Facts Birth: March 25, 1881 Death: September 26, 1945 Country of Origin: Hungary Musical Period: Modern Famous Works: Kossuth, String Quartets, Concerto for Orchestra, Mirkokosmos Early Life Director of the agricultural school, Bartok’s father was also an amateur musician, playing both piano and cello and organizing a local music society and orchestra. With a family… Read More

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How to Care for Your Piano

Posted Wednesday, March 26 in Tips and Resources

When you’ve invested as much as you have in a piano, you will want to make sure and spend the time and money necessary to maintain it well. Doing so doesn’t require much, but there are a few important things to always keep in mind concerning the care of your instrument. Tuning Typically you will… Read More

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How to Choose an Instrument

Posted Tuesday, March 18 in Tips and Resources

Considering beginning music lessons? Are you wondering which instrument to allow your child to start? As you look at the beginning of your music journey as a family, here are a few factors to keep in mind in making your instrumental selection: Size Depending on the age and size of your child, certain instruments will… Read More

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Your Choice: Discouragement or Motivation Cycle

Posted Thursday, March 13 in Tips and Resources

What parent would want their child to quit lessons? Every parent wants to see their child continue to work and progress and enjoy his musical studies. For the child, motivation for practice directly flows from the rate of progress. The greater the progress, the greater the motivation. Progress however isn’t determined by natural ability. Instead… Read More

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4 Ways to Establish a Bedtime Routine

Posted Wednesday, March 12 in Tips and Resources

Children respond well to routine, even very young ones! One area that routine may be particularly  helpful is night time. For parents, bedtime can be a frustrating event as they try to get their baby to go to sleep. Fussing, crying, refusing to go to sleep–all these too often describe bedtime. With the aid of… Read More

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3 Ways to Keep Practice Positive

Posted Tuesday, March 11 in Tips and Resources

As any active and involved parent would, you desire to see your child progress and do well. You maintain great communication with your teacher, consistently monitor practice, check weekly assignments, etc. In your endeavor to help your child however, there’s a temptation sometimes to see only the negative. While it’s important to make note of… Read More

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How to Choose Your Music

Posted Wednesday, February 26 in Tips and Resources

Any parent knows the value added in surrounding their child with good music. The work “good” however fails to help parents in the music selection process. How do you know what music is truly beneficial for your child and which is not? Beyond Listening While being surrounded by quality music offers developmental benefits in and… Read More

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What is True Talent?

Posted Tuesday, February 25 in Tips and Resources

Natural talent–It’s a phrase commonly thrown around by parents and grandparents as they brag on their children and grandchildren. A father excitedly tells his coworker how talented a soccer player his son is or a grandmother boasts of her granddaughter’s amazing gift for mathematics. It’s a common trap for any proud parent, but telling a… Read More

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