kindermusik in greenville sc

When it comes to your child’s education, music matters.

Research proves that music is the best activity for nurturing every area of a child’s development. Early musical enrichment also lays a strong foundation for successful music education later. For these reasons we offer Kindermusik®, the world’s most trusted music and movement program.

Designed for newborns through 7 year-olds, Kindermusik® classes engage your child’s voice, body, mind, and heart. Developmentally appropriate classes nurture children’s early creative explorations, inspire a love of music, and develop a core of music theory. Best of all, parents and children learn and grow together as they bond through a delightful, memorable musical experience!

Kindermusik® at Piano Central Studios

kindermusik in greenville sc maestro programFor more than 20 years, Piano Central Studio’s award-winning Kindermusik® program and caring, licensed educators have been helping children get off to the best kind of start—a musical start!

“We’ve been a Kindermusik family at PCS for years! I love it because my children love it. Kindermusik has given my children a great foundation for music lessons and a love of music for life.” – Carolyn, a Kindermusik® mom

“What’s NOT to love about Kindermusik at PCS? The teachers are awesome, the activities are so fun and very purposeful, and what we learn in class helps make play time and social time throughout the week that much more meaningful. And I haven’t even touched on the fun home materials and music we get to enjoy throughout the week in between classes. Did I mention I really love Kindermusik?” – Julie, a Kindermusik® mom

Through the Kindermusik® program here at PCS, you’ll be able to give your young child every possible musical and academic advantage.  You’ll love the smile on your child’s face and the memories you’ll share as you watch your child’s musical potential and early learning skills blossom.

Your Kindermusik® enrollment at PCS includes:

  • Developmentally appropriate music and movement classes
  • Easy, convenient ongoing enrollment (stay as long as you like; pause when you need to)
  • A music CD and a new set of Kindermusik® @Home Materials (designed for your use and enjoyment at home) delivered to your inbox at the start of each new theme
  • Helpful resources, tips, and communication in and out of class
  • Unlimited makeup classes for as long as you are enrolled (just call or email the office to schedule)
  • Ideas in class that inspire more music, play, and happy moments at home
  • Musical memories that will impact you and your child for life