ABC Music & Me (2-6 yrs)

Created by Kindermusik International, ABC Music & Me brings music education right to your child’s development center. Rather than adding to your family’s weekly schedule, we strengthen your child’s learning program on site with weekly music lessons. Your child will participate in a familiar environment with our licensed Kindermusik educator and children she knows. ABC Music & Me helps two to six-year-olds develop pre-literacy and language skills through a child’s most-loved rituals: music and story time.

Fun in class

Your child will enjoy each weekly music classes, designed to improve skills that will lead to success in school and in future music instruction.

Each class includes interactive activities such as…

  • Songs and rhymes to develop phonetic awareness and early reading skills
  • Tapping, clacking, and ringing rhythm instruments in time with music to improve hand-eye coordination
  • Focused listening with music to improve skills in following directions
  • Instrument play to strengthen fine motor skills
  • Developmentally-appropriate songs to develop vocal chords and expressive speech
  • Learning that emphasizes storytelling, imaginative play, and taking turns

Fun at home

If it’s sharing a story from class, singing along together with the Home CD, or listening as your child explains the difference between a quarter and an eighth note – your Home Materials keep you involved as if you were in class every week.
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