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3 Ways to Connect with Your Music Teacher at PCS

Posted Wednesday, April 16 in News

Perhaps it’s a carry-over from our own childhood, but it can be easy for us as parent’s to interact differently with someone simply because they’re a teacher…even if it’s our child’s teacher! When it comes to your child’s music teacher at PCS, it’s especially ideal to have more than just that teacher/student relationship with him… Read More

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What’s the big deal with summer lessons?

Posted Tuesday, April 15 in News

With April nearing the half-way point, its high time to start thinking about summer music lessons! The end of the school year quickly fills up with school parties, plays, graduations, vacation planning, etc. so don’t wait until the last minute to take care of scheduling summer music lessons for your kids. You won’t want to… Read More

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PCS Students Participate in University Pedagogy Class

Posted Monday, April 14 in News

We are pleased to share that several students of Mrs. Verloyn Young had the honor of participating in a BJU Pedagogy Master Class on Saturday, April 5. Verloyn helped to adjudicate, not her students, but rather the student teachers as they conducted the Master Class with her students as performers. It was a wonderful learning… Read More

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Why Use a Metronome?

Posted Thursday, April 10 in News

Metronomes–teachers seem to love them for some reason. They click, beep, blink and can be overall generally annoying. That being said, why exactly is it so important to use one when you practice? Slows You Down Every musician struggles with practicing at a slow tempo. For some reason, playing fast seems to be the only… Read More

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PCS Spring Break: April 14-19

Saturday, April 19, 12:00 am

Our PCS office and studio locations (Pleasantburg Drive and Woodruff Road) will be closed for Spring Break the week of April 14-19.  We hope you all enjoy the week off… but still do a little practicing too!  Music Fest and Spring Recitals are just around the corner.

6 Steps to Hosting Your Own Performance Party

Posted Wednesday, April 9 in News

Every chance to perform should be seized as a golden opportunity. Fully realizing the value of performing, Piano Central Studios strives to offer as many occasions as possible for you to share your musical gifts with others. While recitals, retirement home and mall performances, and musical festivals serve as great venues for performing, have you… Read More

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Kelly Matthew Performs in Joan of Arc

Posted Tuesday, April 8 in News

Joan of Arc is a legendary historical character enshrouded in mystery and wonder. To have led a demoralized band of French soldiers to an impossible victory in the late Hundred Years War is fantastic enough, but to do so as a young woman in the early 15th century is nearly unthinkable!  Her claims to have… Read More

How Kindermusik Builds Math Skills

Posted Monday, April 7 in News, Tips and Resources

It’s April and PCS wants to welcome all our Kindermusik families to Math Awareness Month! Early music education classes like Kindermusik provide your child with an excellent foundation to excel in mathematics. The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) recently reported the following: “With new understanding about the nature of everyday learning experiences,… Read More

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Have Your Music Lessons and Your Summer Too

Posted Wednesday, April 2 in News

Ongoing lessons mean ongoing success. That’s why lessons at PCS continue in the summer and why summer lessons are part of every enrollment. Even a few lessons over the summer ensure forward progress and keep students motivated. Best of all, the teacher and student do not have to spend those first months in the Fall… Read More

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FAQs about Summer 2014

Posted Wednesday, April 2 in News

Why are summer lessons so important? We know students mean well and have great intentions. But without the accountability of summer lessons, it’s just too easy to let the summer slide by without any practice at all. And before you know it, you’ve lost a whole summer’s worth of potential and progress. Can I take… Read More