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Meet the Composer: Franz Joseph Haydn

Posted Wednesday, October 1 in News, Tips and Resources

Name: Franz Joseph Haydn Born: March 31,1732 Died: May 31, 1809 Country of Origin: Austria Musical Period: Classical Era Famous Works: Paris Symphonies, The Seven Last Words of Christ, Surprise Symphony, The Creation, The Seasons Biography As part of a very musical family, Franz Joseph Haydn grew up singing and being introduced to musical instruments… Read More

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What if my child is struggling with music lessons?

Posted Tuesday, September 30 in News

Perhaps you’ve just noticed it, or maybe it’s been an issue for a while, but you see that your child seems to be struggling with his music lesson assignments. He’s starting to get frustrated and doesn’t seem to making the progress that both of you want. What do you do? Don’t panic First of all,… Read More

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Results! The Great Sight Reading Challenge 2014!

Posted Tuesday, September 30 in News

We are proud of the hard work of all of our summer students who participated in The Great Sight Reading Challenge 2014! Students worked hard in order to earn stars for their teacher’s studio in an effort to be the winners and earn an ice cream party. We are excited to announce that our winning… Read More

Five-star deal to hear violinist David Kim

Thursday, October 2, 8:00 am

The Bob Jones University Symphony Orchestra will be opening the BJU 2014-2015 Concert, Opera & Drama Series at 8 p.m. this Thursday, October 2. Violinist David Kim, concertmaster of The Philadelphia Orchestra, will be our featured soloist, and the repertoire is as follows: Dvořák: Carnival Overture Massenet: Meditation from Thaïs Grieg: Holberg Suite (with David… Read More

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How to Know Your Child is Making Progress with Music Lessons

Posted Monday, September 22 in News

You naturally want your child to be making steady progress in his/her music lessons. You don’t have any intention of investing the time and money for your child to take lessons and not have him show any skills improvement! If you’re not physically sitting in on the lesson every week however listening in on the… Read More

5 Ways to Inspire Musical Inclination

Posted Monday, September 22 in News

Children are great mimickers. In fact, they are natural mirrors, reflecting you in a painfully realistic way. Sometimes it’s a particular phrase, a certain unique gesture, a style of walking—whatever it is, children naturally copy. Sometimes it’s really funny and other times…well, it makes you realize that maybe you need to reevaluate a few things… Read More

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How to Bring Kindermusik Home

Posted Wednesday, September 17 in News

To get the most out each of your Kindermusik classes, you want to be able to bring all of that music and movement from class home with you. Kindermusik @Home Materials offer everything you need to do just that! Listen to your class music During a good portion of Kindermusik class, you and your child… Read More

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5 Things You Should Not Hear When Your Child is Practicing for Music Lessons

Posted Tuesday, September 16 in News

You’re busy working in the kitchen getting things ready for dinner that night or typing away on the computer putting things together for a presentation at work and you hear your child practicing in the other room. You stop for a minute and listen… Is your child’s music practice really supposed to sound like that?! … Read More

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PCS Skillmasters Awards Program in a Nutshell

Posted Monday, September 15 in News

A central part of the Piano Central Studiosprogram, our Music Skillmasters Awards Program provides the framework to help ensure your child receives a well-rounded music education. To make sure parents have an understanding of how the Skillmasters Awards Program works, here is a brief description of each of the seven Skillmasters categories and the possible… Read More

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