Have you noticed our emails with subject lines such as “Register Now,” “Reserve Your Spot” and “Sign up for Summer Lessons”?  We’re not trying to inundate you, but it is that time of year… and we don’t want you to miss out!

For some parents, the thought of adding one more thing to your family’s schedule of events for the summer may be overwhelming. There’s the family vacation, the family reunions, the parties, the sporting events, the guests, the camps…and the list could go on forever. However, before you completely decide AGAINST enrolling your child in summer lessons take just a few minutes to consider the following four reasons FOR doing just the opposite!

Opportunity to Explore

For those not currently enrolled in private lessons, the summer can prove to be an excellent time for you or your child to “try out” something new. As people are typically a little more relaxed and in a certain sense, a little less busy, summer can provide the ideal atmosphere for exploration! PCS offers a number of introductory camps such as the “Blast-Off With Piano Camp” or “First Strings Violin” that serve as an excellent peek into what taking lessons would be like.

Maintaining Structure

To summer belongs the magnetic force felt by all schoolchildren—freedom! No more school days, no more long nights of homework, no more sitting through hours of class—now it’s free time, a break to do whatever they want! Now, while taking a break is fine, having nothing but “freedom” can soon start to have some negative side effects. Children crave structure, a routine, something that they can count on always being there. When such support is gone, your children may soon start whining, “I’m bored” and getting in mischief. Music lessons are a great way to give your child that sense of structure throughout the summer. Even if you only have lessons every other week, there is at least one activity keeping your child accountable throughout the summer! While summer may be a break from schoolwork, take steps to keep your child’s brain actively engaged throughout the summer so he/she will be ready for next year!

Practice or Lose it…

As most are aware of, in learning a foreign language it is imperative that you practice speaking and using that language. Otherwise, it will quickly disappear. Music is a foreign language of its own and just like Spanish or French or any other language, the ability to use that language, if not exercised, will vanish. Having to start over and reclaim lost territory can be one of the most discouraging things for any music student. Scheduling lessons on a regular basis throughout the summer saves your child from having to makeup all the skills he or she will have lost over the long three months of summer break. In taking summer lessons your child will bypass this frustration of backtracking and instead keep moving steadily forward!

Flexible Summer Scheduling at PCS

Here’s how it works.  Sign up for a certain “package,” or number of lessons you’d like to take over the course of the summer.  Then, each month, your teacher will contact you about scheduling lessons for the upcoming month.  For example, if you sign up for a 6-lesson package for the summer, you might choose to take 1 lesson in June, 3 lessons in July, and 2 lessons in August.  When you schedule those 6 lessons is up to you.  And even then, once lessons are scheduled, you may request to make changes to the schedule during the month if you give your teacher at least a one week advance notice of your request.  One makeup lesson is allowed during the summer if you have to  miss due to extenuating circumstances or illness.  By the way, if you find you’re enjoying your lessons and want to add an extra lesson or two, that’s no problem either.

Now, you may still be saying to yourself “That’s all well and good, but you don’t know my life…” This is true, we don’t. However, stop and consider one final fact that enrolling your child in lessons every other week will take a mere 1-2 hours each month out of your schedule. Surely, considering the benefits received, we hope you’ll carve out a little time to continue your child’s music studies!