Summer Lessons

Ongoing lessons mean ongoing success.  That’s why Kindermusik classes at PCS continue throughout the summer and why summer music lessons are part of every enrollment.

A young child’s love of learning, interest in music, and need for quality time doesn’t have an off switch… so Kindermusik is there for you, even in the summer!

And for our students taking music lessons, even a few lessons over the summer ensure forward progress and keep students motivated.  Best of all, the teacher and student do not have to spend those first months in the Fall trying to regain lost ground or recover lost momentum.

Your enrollment in music lessons at PCS automatically includes six* summer lessons, June – August.  The great news is that it’s six lessons you can schedule at your convenience because the “when-where-how” of summer lessons is so flexible.

If you are a currently enrolled student, your teacher will contact you in the late Spring to let you know his/her summer teaching schedule and to get your lesson scheduling started for the summer.

If you are a new student, we look forward to working with you to get you started… and you are welcome to join part-way through the summer.  We will adjust the scheduling accordingly for new students starting in the summer.

*Enrollment in the BJA Piano Program includes eight summer lessons, May – August.

You can upgrade!  Longer lessons, more lessons.  Just let your teacher know that you’d like to put more into your summer so that you get more out of your lessons!

Summer billing… easy and predictable.  Unless you upgrade, monthly summer tuition is half of the regular rate you normally pay during the school year.  (No homeschool discount in the summer.)  Billing is on the 1st of the month like always.  And while the monthly payment remains the same for consistency and predictability, lessons can be scheduled at any time throughout the summer.

Summer rescheduling.  Once summer lessons are scheduled with your teacher for the upcoming month, you may request a scheduling change if needed.  All we require is that you give your teacher at least a one week advance notice of your request.  Rescheduling is subject to availability in your teacher’s schedule.

Summer make up lessons.  Last-minute cancellations or no-shows cannot be rescheduled or made up.  (Exception: One lesson per summer may be made up in case of illness or emergency.)  We regret that credit cannot be given for missed or unscheduled lessons.

Want more?  You are always welcome to ADD more lessons, if you’d like.  Just let your teacher know.  Your teacher will then notify the office, and we’ll adjust the billing accordingly.

We’ll hold your spot for Fall.  If you are continuing through the summer with summer lessons, we’ll automatically hold your same school year lesson day/time in our fall schedule.  You will also get first priority 1) if you are a new student who starts in the summer, or 2) if you need to request a different lesson day/time for Fall.

Need to make a change?  Use this online form to pause for the summer, withdraw from our program, or make a schedule change request.  You may also email the office at

Written notice and scheduling priority.  Because summer lessons are part of your enrollment, written notice is required to pause for the summer or withdraw from the program.  If you decide to pause for the summer, we’ll plan for you to be back in the Fall.  Summer students get first priority in scheduling for Fall, and then we’ll gladly work to get those students scheduled in who paused for the summer.

It’s that easy.

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