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Nov 3 – 8: New Music Week at Kindermusik

Saturday, November 8, 11:00 am

Nov 3-8: New Music Week at Kindermusik! November 3-8, 2014, is NEW MUSIC WEEK in our Kindermusik classes here at PCS.  Here are just some of the delightful new themes you can look forward to: Babies: 0s and 1s (non-walkers) / PEAS & CARROTS Yum, yum, yum.  Are you hungry? In Peas & Carrots, you’ll… Read More

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Dec 8 – 13: New Music Week at Kindermusik

Saturday, December 13, 12:00 pm

BABIES:  0s and 1s Good morning, sunshine–it’s time to start the day! Babies can start their days in all kinds of ways–but the way to make the most of mornings is to establish a loving, predictable, day-to-day pattern. Up and at ‘em routines and rituals take center stage in Rise & Shine! YOUNGER TODDLERS:  1s and… Read More

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7 Ways Kindermusik Preps Your Child for Music Lessons

Posted Thursday, August 28 in News

While Kindermusik provides the environment and encouragement needed for a child to progress to his or her developmental potential, it also fully prepares students to easily transition into the private lesson setting. In fact, Kindermusik students start lessons much more advanced than the average beginner student. Why? Kindermusik graduates come to lessons for the first… Read More

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Kindermusik: Benefits for Parents

Posted Tuesday, April 22 in Tips and Resources

Our first thought when we think of the benefits of Kindermusik centers mostly around the musical and developmental benefits that the children receive. What can be easily overlooked however are the benefits that you as the parent also receive by having your child enrolled in the PCS Kindermusik program. Ideas for Ways to Play with… Read More

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How Kindermusik Helps Your Child Transition to Kindergarten

Posted Thursday, September 19 in News

You’ve probably heard about all the different ways Kindermusik helps your child reach his or her full developmental potential. Have you heard however how Kindermusik specifically prepares your child for Kindergarten? Let’s look at five ways that enrolling your child in Kindermusik classes can help make that transition both smooth and successful: Gradual Independent Learning… Read More

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What Our Kindermusik Families Have to Say…

Posted Tuesday, April 2 in News

From time to time, Piano Central Studios enjoys the opportunity of featuring some of our Kindermusik families on our blog. We want to hear what they think about your Kindermusik classes! This week we will be hearing from Sarah and son Silas who are currently enrolled in one of our Kindermusik Our Time classes. Here… Read More

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Kindermusik: When to start private lessons?

Posted Wednesday, February 20 in Tips and Resources

Parents who have enrolled their children in Kindermusik are naturally concerned that music be a part of their child’s life in a very real and personal way. As a Kindermusik educator, parents frequently ask me when I think would be a good time for their child to start private lessons. While there isn’t a magical… Read More

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Take a Listening Walk!

Posted Thursday, September 27 in Tips and Resources

Ways to incorporate music in everyday events is one of the major premises of our PCS Kindermusik program. Singing throughout the day, listening to music during playtime or bedtime, moving to the beat of music—all these are examples of ways to fuse music with the “normalcy” of life. However, perhaps you have already added these… Read More

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Make Every Day a Singing Day!

Posted Wednesday, September 12 in News

New Kindermusik classes have started back up this week, and PCS Kindermusik families are once again discovering the joys and delights of music together! As returning KM families already know, and new families will soon discover, a significant portion of what we do in and out of class centers around singing. Singing is very important… Read More

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Kindermusik–Young Child Class

Posted Tuesday, August 21 in Tips and Resources

Last week we explored what happens in the Kindermusik Imagine That! class. This week let’s discover all the exciting things that happen in the next class, Kindermusik Young Child. Kindermusik Young Child Class Who and What is it for? Designed especially for children ages 5 to 7, the Kindermusik Young Child class gives each child the… Read More

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