7 Ways Kindermusik Preps Your Child for Music Lessons

While Kindermusik provides the environment and encouragement needed for a child to progress to his or her developmental potential, it also fully prepares students to easily transition into the private lesson setting. In fact, […]

How Kindermusik Helps Your Child Transition to Kindergarten

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Kindermusik: When to start private lessons?

Parents who have enrolled their children in Kindermusik are naturally concerned that music be a part of their child’s life in a very real and personal way. As a Kindermusik educator, parents frequently ask […]

Take a Listening Walk!

Ways to incorporate music in everyday events is one of the major premises of our PCS Kindermusik program. Singing throughout the day, listening to music during playtime or bedtime, moving to the beat of […]

Make Every Day a Singing Day!

New Kindermusik classes have started back up this week, and PCS Kindermusik families are once again discovering the joys and delights of music together! As returning KM families already know, and new families will […]