We’re so proud of our Young Child “soon-to-be grads” and all that they have learned!

Kindermusik has a profound effect on your child’s development. Over the course of 4 semesters of Young Child students will experience learning in the areas of:

  • Vocal Skills
  • Tonal Awareness
  • Rhythmic Awareness
  • Movement Skills
  • Reading and Writing Skills
  • Instrument Skills and Knowledge
  • Focused skill development and ability to play songs on the Glockenspiel, Recorder and Dulcimer
  • Focused Listening Skills
  • Awareness of Musical Concepts
  • Social Skills
  • Composition, drawing, singing, instrument play, and movement.

What’s Next?

Once a child is about to become a Kindermusik “graduate,” he may be eager for the next musical adventure. As you consider the options, encourage your child’s love of music by letting him choose the next musical step. Instrumental lessons, singing in a choir, playing in an orchestra or band—the opportunities are endless! You can be assured that you have given your child a musical foundation that will enrich his entire life, whether it leads him to Carnegie Hall, a choir, or the keys of the family piano.

For more information about our Young Child program (5-7 year olds) or other Kindermusik Classes (beginning with newborns), check out our website.